We are a group of engineers and technologists who have fallen in love with everything to do with light.

Based in Canada, our company primarily manufactures and sells customized LED back light panels to commercial interior designers and contractors in North America. With the understanding that our panel products require minimal to no setback, it enables our clients to implement backlight into their projects with ease. In addition, we also sell very slim and/or 3D lightboxes.

Despite the abundance of new lighting technology, we are disappointed to see how tacky some lighting applications are. We believe many designers and architects are yet to discover the true potentials of new lighting technologies.

Over the past years, we have travelled around the world to talk to architects and designers how simple, economic and environmentally friendly new lighting technologies can be.

This is why we created Simple Lumen - a community to share creative ideas for various applications with lighting technology.

We hope you are inspired by many real world lighting applications and enjoy our high quality customized products.

Always in love with light

Team Simple Lumen

21st October, 2016