What is LumiPanel?

Lumi panels are not only for modern projects, but they are also perfect for classic designs. Because lumi panels are made incredibly thin and easy to install, it is possible to illuminate Onyx gemstone. Now you can hide away all the cables and wires and continue to deliver a classic yet timeless impression.


ColorWarm White or Cool White
DimensionCustom Design, 6mm thickness
Lumen per square feet300
Note 4.0 Watts/ft Power Consumption
IP ratingWaterproof for lower setbacks design option
Power supply24 v
Accessory Wireless Color Changing Controller



How long will the lighting panel last?

On average, LED technology can last up to 50,000 hours. One important thing to note is that LED in general do not fail, but rather gracefully degrade to dimmer level. For most onyx malfunction, the most common failure comes from the power source which can be replace under $100 dollars.